Park Avenue Booms

The origins of the Park Avenue Boom date to J class yachts when sail handling challenges demanded novel solutions. Today, we offer strong, attractive, and practical mainsail handling solutions with our Park Avenue booms.

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Very simply, the wings of the boom extend outwards to catch the mainsail as it is lowered. Lazy jacks ensure that the mainsail is captured within the confines of the recessed area of the boom deck and hides the bulk of the sail when moored. The sail cover is fit to the inboard groove of the twin track system installed on the inside perimeter of the boom top. A sun awning can be fit to the outboard groove and tensioned using the padeyes mounted at the extremities of the boom top.

Boom Front View   Park Avenue with Logo

Their stunning appearance make the Park Avenue boom the choice of the majority of the booms that Offshore Spars manufactures.

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